ControverSunday Mission Statement

ControverSunday is a collaborative blog meme, whereby the goal is to share, discuss and hear out different perspectives on parenting, society and other stuff that matters. All those who participate bring to the table a unique perspective and approach others with mutual respect. Participating is a way to build community, to learn something and to reflect and evaluate our own choices.


Welcome to a little thing called ControverSunday. This blog meme was envisioned and started by Perpetua over at Our Lady of Perpetual Bread Crumbs. She, along with the amazing designer of our official ControverSunday badge, Accidents, got the ball rolling.

When Perpetua decided to take a bloggy break, I took over the reins. At least until Perpetua makes her triumphant bloggy return. (Update, she has. But for now I am continuing to host ControverSunday until she wants it back.) As such, this page is meant to be your official guide to ControverSunday.

We have played with a couple different formats in terms of how often we do this thing, ect.

How to play along

ControverSunday happens on the first Sunday of every month.

I (or who ever would like to guest host) posts the topic for the next ControverSunday the Monday after each round of ControverSunday. That is the key people- write your post WAY ahead of time and then just schedule it for Sunday morning.

While I am not a hard ass enough to be uber strict with the posting date, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE post on Sunday, preferably Sunday morning. This will avoid that ‘but everything I was going to say has already been said’ feeling.

Then everyone is welcome to write a “ControverSunday” post with their thoughts on the topic. You write, you add the badge to your post, and then you go visit the host to give them your link so they can add you to the offical ControverSunday ‘reading list’ for that week. Voila, you have ControverSunday. What makes it really fun is when everyone goes around reading everyone elses posts and sharing their thoughts. Hence the conversation.

Lastly, everyone is welcome to join, even if you have never played before. (We love newbies!)

Join Us!


Possible Future Topics

Child-free Spaces

2 January, 2011 Resolutions

Past Topics

5 December 2010: Oh the holidays

7 November 2010: Digital Privacy

3 October 2010: Catch Up Week (this one didn’t really happen… hence format changes)

26 September 2010: When bad kids happen to good parents

19 September 2010: Traditional and Holistic Medicines for Kids

12 September 2010: Protection versus reasonable risk

28 August 2010: Parental Vices hosted by amoment2think

15 August 2010: Discipline, Revisited hosted by Now your in the world

1 August 2010: Licensed Merchandise for Kids hosted by amoment2think

18 July 2010:  That New York Magazine Article

6 June 2010: *Hiatus*

30 May 2010: Open Topic

23 May 2010: Truthiness

16 May 2010: Discipline

9 May 2010: Other Caregivers

2 May 2010:  Open Topic

25 April 2010: Food

18 April 2010:  Gender

11 April 2010:  Pacifiers/Comfort Objects

4 April 2010: Open Topic hosted by amoment2think

28 March 2010:  Child Spacing

21 March 2010:  Extended Breastfeeding

14 March 2010: Pregnancy Culture

7 March 2010: Open Topic

28 February 2010: Other People’s Children

21 February 2010: Vaccination

14 February 2010: Television

7 February 2010: Circumcision


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