ControverSunday Topic: Catch Up Week


You know that week where you were all excited about ControverSunday? You saw the topic and thought “That topic is for Me!” and you started to plan out what you were going to write in your head. You came up with some really great lines and perfect analogies? You were all set to start writing it on Thursday night, but then something got in the way. And then Friday, something happened that day too. And then Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday all passed and you felt like the party was kinda over. You read a few posts, but didn’t get a chance to comment, let alone write your own thoughts on the matter.

Or maybe a topic that you are really really interested in was covered before you got all on board with the ControverSunday thing.

Well. This week is for you. It is ControverSunday catch up week. Here are the two ways to participate.
1) Pick a week (check out the ControverSunday page for a list of topics and links to past weeks) and write that post you were thinking about writing before stuff came up and you ran out of time/energy.

2) Go post a comment or two on a only ControverSunday post that you were meaning to comment on but didn’t get a chance to. Re-start the Conversation! (the ControverSunday page is also the best way to find old posts)

3) Share in the comments of this post what your favourite ControverSunday conversations have been, to get us all thinking about what we might want to post about/comment on.

4) Do all of the above! The more the merrier!

Happy Friday all!


2 responses to “ControverSunday Topic: Catch Up Week

  1. Lisa Sunbury October 1, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    I love this idea! I’ve been reading the posts from previous weeks, and wanted to let you know which topics were most interesting to me. I particularly enjoyed reading posts about Licensed Merchandise For Kids, Baby Sleep, Discipline, and most thought provoking of all- Pacifiers and Other Comforts.

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