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I am a thinker, debater, politics geek, lover of ideas, environmentalist, preferrer of natural things, food and wine enthusiast, cook and baker and a self-reflective, self-critical person. I am a Mom to a lovely almost 2 year old girl and wife to my husband. We live in Calgary Alberta (for now), but our hearts are on the West Coast. I write about parenting, politics, the environment, food, society and whatever else I feel like writing about…. when I have a moment 2 think.

I write this blog because I have always found writing to be my favourite way to express myself. Writing helps me evaluate my thoughts and ideas. I chose to write online because I enjoying engaging in a discussion, even debate, and hearing other peoples opinions.

Sometimes I write something and don’t publish it. Sometimes I publish it and get a feeling in the pit of my stomach that maybe I shouldn’t have. Sometimes I say the wrong thing– I try to admit it when that happens. Sometimes I say something that others don’t like. Sometimes we disagree. Sometimes I change my mind. And sometimes I don’t. In other words, I am human.

I strongly believe (especially in parenting) that what is right for one person (family, child, parent) isn’t right for everyone. But I still reserve the right to have an opinion. I don’t claim my opinion is right for everyone and I don’t expect that everyone share my opinion. Agree or disagree, please feel welcome to express your thoughts here, so long as you do it in a respectful manner.

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*Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is not to provide advice, but rather to share my thoughts and opinions and engage in discussion.  However, in the context of discussion, I do share my opinion which could be taken as advice.  I am not a parenting expert. I do not have a degree in child psychology or development. I am not a doctor. If I share my advice it is as a mother who has been through it. My advice should not replace the advice of your health care providers.

Comment Policy:

I approve each comment one by one, rather then letting wordpress auto approve a comment from anyone I have approved in the past. This is because I want to ensure that I read every comment before it goes up on my blog. I love debate and discussion and I want to hear all angles/perspectives/ideas. But I also want this to be a place where everyone feels safe to do just that. I am very proud and lucky to have readers who are so wonderful about discussing with a tone of respect, integrity, honesty, openness, while not holding back what they think. But I am stating right now that if I get a comment which is not PG OR if it makes anything that I perceive to be a personal attack against an other individual I will delete it. I don’t want anyone to feel bullied. I reserve the right, on a case by case basis, to not approve any comments that I feel uncomfortable with for any reason. Trust me, I do not take that ‘power’ lightly. 99.999% of comments will get approved.

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