ControverSunday Topic: Traditional and Holistic Medicines for Kids

My family always teased me as a almost adult (in the last couple years before I left home), that my bathroom was practically a pharmacy. If there was a over the counter drug one might want to take, I had it. I was prepared. No. I wasn’t ‘doing drugs’ or running a meth lab or anything like that. I was far to well behaved for that.  It was more out of a girl scout like prepareness thing I had. I am over that now.


This weeks ControverSunday Topic is about drugs folks. Those traditional kinds, like asprin and buckleys. And those new fan-dangled “natural” and “holisitic” kinds. You know all the ones for infants for teething and colic and the like. Here is the question: what are your thoughts on what medicines you give your kids. Are you loose and easy with the pediatric advil? Or do you prefer the holisitic remedies for teething? Or, do you use nothing at all? Do you overload them with vitamin C at the first sign of a cold. Do you give your kids vitamins? Does your kids age matter? What is your take re: kids and medicines (and or supplements).

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Maybe on Sunday? Or Monday? Please come play!


I did up a ControverSunday page! Check it out! And suggest some more topics! Please?! With a cherry on top?!

Thanks team.


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