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I was going to write….

I was going to write something interesting, intelligent, riveting. You know, my usual fare. (Ha! HA!)

But I just spent 3 hours in traffic. So I am going to whine about random things that annoyed me today and random annoying things I started thinking about while thinking about those random things that annoyed me. Sounds like fun eh? So excited to read on, aren’t you?

Wait, Wait! Isn’t there a blogging meme invented just for this reason? Well, maybe not the whining, but the randomness?


Oh thank goodness. Hi Keely, over at The Un Mom I thought I’d play along. Hope that’s okay.

  • Winter traffic sucks. Normally I try not to complain about traffic, because really Calgary isn’t that bad. At least not in comparison to Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. (Not to mention many major U.S. cities). So I kinda scoff when people complain about Calgary traffic.
  • But 3 hours in it gives me the right to complain I think. Winter traffic sucks. Black ice. Drivers doing one of two totally annoying things: going way to fast or way to slow. Good times.
  • Take that an add in screaming poopy (don’t worry, only for the last 20 minutes) toddler demanding: Daddy? Water? Milk? Grandma? Snack? Elmo? Cheese? SNACK?! DADDY?!! CHEESE!!? MILK?!! GRANDMA?!! ! ELMO?!!  RASINS!?? WATER??!! Peter Rabbit? Repeat that for about 2 hours. Fun.
  • I got to hand it to the toddler though, she did much better then I would have strapped into a seat while hungry, bored and thirsty.
  • You might ask why we didn’t stop. Trust me we tried. But we were on highways, you know. And always in the wrong lane. Eventually we did. Pita made the situation all better.
  • Did you know that Calgary was the second coldest place on earth today? I am not even kidding
  • You know what I hate even more then driving in the winter? Parking in the winter. You get just a little bit of snow on the ground and no one can see those stupid yellow lines and it turns into the wild wild west. Artistic parking creations to some, maybe. But completely annoying. Especially with Calgary’s tendency for BIG PICKUP TRUCKS. Because there is a strong likelihood that one will park one lane over in a way that makes it impossible to back out of the parking spot as the lanes shift one way or the other.
  • I have a lot of laundry to fold. See:
  • I am not going to fold it.
  • Because I don’t want to. I would rather drink wine.
  • My husband took various forms of bus, train and taxi cab home today. Because we were already stuck in traffic so long that if we went to get home we probably wouldn’t get home until 9pm.
  • I sent him out for wine anyway. I feel like a bit of jerk. But he likes wine too.

Okay, I think I am out of random thoughts. Were they random enough? Kinda united by a general “I’m grumpy” theme, I guess. Anyway, my wine is calling.

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