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ControverSunday Topic: ‘Saviour Siblings’ March 6th 2011


Okay, we have our topic for March’s ControverSunday. And I hope its one that really gets you thinking.

It was suggested by my friend Sophie, who tweets at @malatrad and Lisa of @lisasunbury jumped in saying “this might be the link #controverSunday was created for.”

I think I agree.

So what is the topic you ask? Saviour Siblings. You know, deciding to have an other baby and using our knowledge of fertility and genetics to take measures to try and select that baby to have the right genetic material to help their sibling with a life threatening illness or condition. Essentially, creating a life to save a life.  Here is a recent article on the issue, take a read: France Sees First ‘Saviour Sibling’

Now that is a controversial topic if I ever heard one.

So gets your posts ready and scheduled to go live on Sunday March 6th. I can’t wait to hear what you all think. Quite frankly, I don’t even know what I think! I really hope you all join in. Remember, everyone is welcome! (To learn more about ControverSunday, check out the ControverSunday page. Which yes, I need to update.)

ControverSunday February 6th, 2011: Open Topic


Alright ControverSundian’s, here is my challenge to you. Right before the season of Love (AKA Hallmarks favourite holiday, AKA Valentines Day)…. lets really get into it, shall we?

(New to ControverSunday? Check out the details here. And join us in the conversation!)

Pick a topic. Any topic. The kind of topic that you are passionate about. But the kind of topic you also feel you can only talk about in hushed tones. That you have to avoid at the dinner table or the water cooler or the park. The one you feel you shouldn’t talk about, least you offend anyone’s delicate sensitivities or be the one to stir the pot. The one topic you wish everyone would just throw the veil of darkness off and face head on. Yeah. That topic. I know you have one.

Write about it. And schedule your post for Sunday, February 6th.

And then we will all get up on Sunday February 6th and put a good measure of Baileys or Rum or Kahlua or whatever strong liquor of choice in our coffee and take a deep breath. Try not to panic. And hopefully a really interesting discussion will appear. Or just a crap load of angry comments. Either way. It will be fun.

What do you say, are you in? (Please someone be in, I don’t want to do this alone.)

(This post sounds rather British, doesn’t it? With its ‘shall we’ and its ‘good measure’? Why is it when I think of being brave and really being a sh*t disturber (for lack of a better term) I tend to channel a strong, opinionated, tell it like it is, British women. I love those Brits.)

(Okay, I will stop being funny now. Best to leave that to the Queen’s of funny, @mmeperpetua and @torturedpotato .)

ControverSunday Topic: Resolutions for January 2, 2011

Why not just keep going with the ‘stay in keeping’ with the season thing for ControverSunday?

What is it about the way you parent or the way you take care of your self that you want to change or work on this year? What are your resolutions for you or for your kids. What have your challenges been? How will you accomplish them? Why do you want to accomplish them?

Do you think New Years resolutions work? Are they reasonable or realistic? Can we start fresh in the New Year? Can we make big shifts in how we do things? What does it take to do this?

What do you think?

ControverSunday Topic December 5th: Oh the holidays!


So, I am using a NaBloPoMo get out of jail free card today and posting then next ControverSunday topic. I have a bunch of posts that I am working on for this week, but none of them do I feel comfortable hitting publish on. (One of them is a bit of a confession/over share so I am nervous about posting it.) So! Topic announcement it is! Yeah!

First off can I say that I am THRILLED that we had so many participants this week for ControverSunday!! I can’t tell you how happy that made me. Thank you Thank you Thank you! And it was great to read everyone’s perspectives (I have a bunch of comments to make, but haven’t had a chance… I will soon!) If you haven’t already, please check out all the participants.

So I think the monthly is working out. It makes it more of a special occasion and I think it is more realistic. And sure, most of us procrastinated and wrote our posts at the last minute despite the extra notice cause, you know, we are human. But I still think the long topic notice helps. You know, time to simmer with our thoughts.

I was thinking our topic for December 5th should be rather festive, don’t you think? I also want to try and open the topic up more to non-parenting types. But, lets be honest, most of our current participants like to talk kids, so I wanted the topic to work with them too.

So. Drum roll please…

Let’s talk about the holidays. What do you think about the North American holiday season? Too long? Too short? What about the focus? (Presents, time with family, ect) The traditions? The religious focus of it? How does that impact people that are not of the same faith in our multicultural society? What about multi-faith families? Do you have any holiday pet peeves?

Essentially, I am inviting you to share your thoughts about what you think is the most controversial about the holidays. Take it where ever you want it to go.

(Oh, and if you are reading this and all like “what the heck is ControverSunday?” then check out the ControverSunday page. Which I will update as soon. But it gives you the general drift.)

ControverSunday Topic for November 7th: Digital Privacy


Okay, so this month I will post the topic a couple weeks ahead, but going forward, as per Jen’s suggestion, I will post the topic for the next month like the day after ControverSunday.

You people really don’t like polls do you? Huh. I love polls. I got out of my way to do them sometimes. I believe they are all kinds of awesome. But you, my faithful readers, you don’t like them.

4 people voted in the poll re: our ControverSunday topic this time around. 3 of those people voted for Digital Privacy. So Digital Privacy it is! The question, as put by the lovely Ginger of Ramble Ramble and Noodle Knobs suggested this topic and put it this way:

“digital privacy–is it a myth or can it be accomplished, new study that 82% of toddlers have an online presence–is this creepy, and/or how do you think this will affect these kids growing up?”

Here is an article re: that study that Ginger is mentioning.

So. Mark your Calendars and sharpen your typing fingers. November 7th! Get ready to share your take/perspective/thoughts on the digital privacy of our kids.

ControverSunday: The Final Verdict. Really. I promise. Well… lets give it a try.

You will have noticed that I have been conspicuously absent in the ControverSunday discussion and I know you all haven’t really heard a peep from me about it since my last post. I have been giving it a really really good think. First off, here are the poll results.

13 votes. 5 said LOVE IT!, 4 said you like it but…. and 4 said goodbye. So to me, that means about 31% of voters are ready to say goodbye and 69% of voters kinda want to keep it, but would like to see some changes. So. Majority wins. Some changes it is and we will give it a go for an other couple months.

Here are my proposed ControverSunday changes:

Once a month. Let’s go with first Sunday of every month. (I would have suggested last Sunday of every month but that would mean the next ControverSunday would be on Halloween.  Not a good idea me thinks.)

I (or who ever would like to guest host) posts the topic post the 3rd Wednesday of every month- thereby giving everyone more then a week to write up your posts and schedule them for the first Sunday of the next month. That is the key people- write your post WAY ahead of time and then just schedule it for Sunday morning.

While I am not a hard ass enough to be uber strict with the posting date, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE post on Sunday, preferably Sunday morning. This will avoid that ‘but everything I was going to say has already been said’ feeling.

Also- I am thinking about taking the gloves off and go for the really controversial topics once and a while. The thing about blogging is that you need to have a thick skin- something I am learning. But if we are so afraid to say what we really think then why have a blog as a platform for what we think and what we really want to talk about?

And an other thing: I would really LOVE some non-parenting topics. Both Ginger and Mama Tortoise made some great topic suggestions in the comments of the last post, which I will totally add to the roster. But it would be really good to spread our wings to something else, something more inclusive. So anyone that has some non-parenting topics they would like to sent my way- that would be awesome. I am pondering a few.

Lastly- I want to introduce a mission statement for ControverSunday. It goes a little something like this:

ControverSunday is a collaborative blog meme, whereby the goal is to share, discuss and hear out different perspectives on parenting, society and other stuff that matters. All those who participate bring to the table a unique perspective and approach others with mutual respect. Participating is a way to build community, to learn something and to reflect and evaluate our own choices.

All that being said, what should our first topic be? Vote!!! Vote!!! (Today is the Calgary Civic Election- so I am all about the Vote!)

ControverSunday Topic: Catch Up Week


You know that week where you were all excited about ControverSunday? You saw the topic and thought “That topic is for Me!” and you started to plan out what you were going to write in your head. You came up with some really great lines and perfect analogies? You were all set to start writing it on Thursday night, but then something got in the way. And then Friday, something happened that day too. And then Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday all passed and you felt like the party was kinda over. You read a few posts, but didn’t get a chance to comment, let alone write your own thoughts on the matter.

Or maybe a topic that you are really really interested in was covered before you got all on board with the ControverSunday thing.

Well. This week is for you. It is ControverSunday catch up week. Here are the two ways to participate.
1) Pick a week (check out the ControverSunday page for a list of topics and links to past weeks) and write that post you were thinking about writing before stuff came up and you ran out of time/energy.

2) Go post a comment or two on a only ControverSunday post that you were meaning to comment on but didn’t get a chance to. Re-start the Conversation! (the ControverSunday page is also the best way to find old posts)

3) Share in the comments of this post what your favourite ControverSunday conversations have been, to get us all thinking about what we might want to post about/comment on.

4) Do all of the above! The more the merrier!

Happy Friday all!

ControverSunday Topic: When bad kids happen to good parents


First off, I don’t believe any child is ‘bad’. But I do believe some kids are better behaved, more well adjusted or exhibit more socially appropriate behavior then others.

This topic was suggested by @breebop and I think it is a really interesting question. If a child is consistently misbehaved is it because of the kid, the parents, or something else? Can someone be a ‘good’ parent and raise a ‘bad’ child? Oh, and well you are at it, feel free to tear right into those ‘good’ /’bad’ connotations/categories/implicit assumptions. I know I will be.

Really, I want to hear your thoughts! Join in! Grab that badge from accidents and head over here on Sunday for the link up. I know we are all in a ‘back to school/end of summer’ funk- but good conversation is good for the soul! I love this topic and I think it will generate some great discussion, but I need some more of you to play along! (Do I sound desperate yet? Do I need to offer prizes for participating?)

ControverSunday Topic: Traditional and Holistic Medicines for Kids

My family always teased me as a almost adult (in the last couple years before I left home), that my bathroom was practically a pharmacy. If there was a over the counter drug one might want to take, I had it. I was prepared. No. I wasn’t ‘doing drugs’ or running a meth lab or anything like that. I was far to well behaved for that.  It was more out of a girl scout like prepareness thing I had. I am over that now.


This weeks ControverSunday Topic is about drugs folks. Those traditional kinds, like asprin and buckleys. And those new fan-dangled “natural” and “holisitic” kinds. You know all the ones for infants for teething and colic and the like. Here is the question: what are your thoughts on what medicines you give your kids. Are you loose and easy with the pediatric advil? Or do you prefer the holisitic remedies for teething? Or, do you use nothing at all? Do you overload them with vitamin C at the first sign of a cold. Do you give your kids vitamins? Does your kids age matter? What is your take re: kids and medicines (and or supplements).

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Maybe on Sunday? Or Monday? Please come play!


I did up a ControverSunday page! Check it out! And suggest some more topics! Please?! With a cherry on top?!

Thanks team.

ControverSunday Topic: Protection versus Acceptable Risk


First off, I have news. So the wonderful Perpetua over at Our Lady of Perpetual Bread Crumbs has decided to take a blogging sabbatical. I am devastated. Perpetua was one of the first people who really welcomed me to the world of blogging and made me feel connected. More then that, she started ControverSunday (along with Accidents), which has been one of the best things to happen to my blog. As you all know, I am a big supporter of ControverSunday. It fits into my bigger blogging philosophy of engaging in converstation. The whole idea behind ControverSunday is to take a look at the different controversial topics in (mostly) parent focused blogging and to demonstrate that while we may not always agree, we can discuss without the drama.

This weekly meme has had some struggles over the summer to keep going, but I think now that fall has officially arrived we can bring it back to life. Perpetua has passed the torch (temporarily? It’s hers if/when she returns.) to me to be your official ControverSunday Leader in Chief. I am, of course, more then happy to have others host. Just send me a note and we can hook you up. But I am will be continuing in the strong ControverSunday tradition. Over the next couple weeks I will create a ControverSunday page here too, so we can see past topics and keep track of upcoming topic suggestions.

I hope our ControverSunday community can grow! If you haven’t participated, but always wanted too, please join us! We LOVE newbies!!

We have some great suggestions for topics still on deck, but I thought this week I would suggest a topic resulting from the comment thread on my most recent post about the Back to School Insanity. So, I submit for your approval this weeks ControverSunday’s topic:

Protection versus Acceptable Risk. To what extent should we work to protect our children from harms/challenges/failure ect and to what extent should we take a step back and let them learn on their own? Where is the balance between protection and letting children learn on their own? What kind of risk is age appropriate? What is a realistic expectation for a child in terms of teaching them to be aware of dangers? If you want some more ideas of where this conversation could go, check out the comments on my last post.

See ya all on Sunday (Monday/Tuesday..ect)!!

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