I take it all back. The toddler is obsessed with Santa.

Santa Claus
(Photo By Grzegorz Łobiński via Flickr Creative Commons License)

Last Sunday, ControverSunday was all about the holidays. And many of us, including me, talked about our stance on Santa. Our approach is that we would follow Audrey’s lead when it comes to Santa, but not push her. Particularly when it comes to going to see Santa, which I think can be scary for some toddlers.

Since I wrote that post (which was last Friday or so) I wanted to update you all. Audrey has most certainly taken the lead. And her vote? She is pro-Santa. Very very pro-Santa.

It started when we went to Heritage Park on Saturday. Heritage Park (for those of you who are non-local) is a big park with historical houses and buildings which have been preserved to display the way things ‘used’ to be. They do this thing called the 12 Days of Christmas and have gingerbread man decorating, a big train set display, bakery open, gift shops, reindeer to pet and caroling. Oh and Santa. There were of course pictures with Santa, which we were not going to go to (and didn’t). What we didn’t know is before the pictures with Santa thing started at noon, Santa wandered the grounds for a couple hours handing out candy canes and wishing everyone Merry Christmas. So we encountered Santa about 3 times. At first Audrey was very apprehensive and Santa was very sensitive to that and didn’t come to close. By the third time we saw Santa she was pointing and saying “Santa.”

That alone would probably not have swayed her. What really sealed the deal was a e-mail card she got from my parents. I think my Mom and (particularly) my Dad, love Santa now more then they did when we were kids. The card had a link to a video with Santa talking directly to Audrey. That’s right, Santa knew Audrey’s name, where she lived and what she ‘wanted’ for Christmas. Santa had a picture of her grandparents. Santa was obviously in the know and really had received a letter from Audrey’s grandparents all about her.

Audrey loved watching that video. You could almost see the sparkle in her eye.

Now I get “See Santa? Computer?” requests daily. Santa is a hit.

I don’t think it is about the presents. She doesn’t get the presents yet. She is drawn to, you know, the jolliness and such. And the Christmas music. The magic, the story, the ‘collective imagination’ thing we talked about in ControverSunday. Audrey is sold.

And that is fine. She is choosing to be sold and having fun and getting excited. She is taking the lead, which is what we wanted. And who wouldn’t want to believe in a jolly guy in red? So apparently, we are doing the Santa thing. At least this year.


3 responses to “I take it all back. The toddler is obsessed with Santa.

  1. janetlansbury December 12, 2010 at 10:13 am

    This made me smile…so glad Audrey’s pro-Santa!

  2. Sophie December 12, 2010 at 11:51 am

    You know, Audrey being a smart cookie, I had a feeling the ambivalence wouldn’t last long. I’m sure she’ll be like our son, who this year is asking a ton of questions about Santa. Not because he doesn’t believe or has any doubt – I think he has accepted Santa as a fact of life – but because he has questions about everything. Where does he live? Where does he leave his sleigh? What color are the elves’ suits? And so on and so forth… I think it would be hard not to take a stand. Either we answer according to the myth or we break the myth, but we can’t be neutral!

    Personally, I love Santa. And I think he’s pretty much unavoidable, especially when your kids go to daycare or preschool. I would never force my son to go sit on Santa’s lap, but I’ll let him if he wants to. And surprisingly, he did last night when Santa came to our Coop. Childhood doesn’t last long, and to me Santa is part of what makes it special. Not because of the presents, but because it’s one of the last bits of magical beliefs our children still have. So hurray for Santa! And Merry Christmas!

  3. Briana December 12, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    Wesley’s grandma sent him the customized Santa video too. He watched it three times in a row, and has become totally obsessed with Santa. It was quite something!

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