What I am thankful for

I am not American. As you can probably tell from my rants about the Canadian winter. I was born in Canada and I celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, over a month ago. (Our growing season is shorter y’all, so our ‘harvest’ comes earlier. I assume that is why the date discrepancy.)

Anyway, I am grateful for many things, most of all the people in my life. And it just so happens that two of the people within my top 5 people I am most grateful for are American; my father and my husband.

Okay, they are both also Canadian. But if they were crossing the border they would say they were American, cause they are dual citizens and the US Border guards no-likey dual citizens and would prefer you claim your Americaness first and foremost. I have heard. Anyway. I digress.

I am grateful for them both.

I am grateful for my Dad, who is a great father. I credit all my success and happiness in life to their great parenting. Really. And my Dad has always ‘got’ me, accepted me and encouraged me to be who I was. He never asked me to change (except when I was being a bossy brat- he wanted that to change. ) What I mean is that he never pushed his hopes and expectations for me on to me, all he did was support me to achieve my hopes and expectations for myself. And for that I am so grateful.

I am grateful for my husband. He is loving and affectionate. He is passionate and interesting and unique. He truly wants to share this life we have. He is my partner around the house, getting right in there with the dishes and the laundry. He pushes me out of my comfort level and challenges me to face my fears.

And he too is a great father. Oh how I love watching him talk with my daughter. I love how he talks with her, how he interacts with her, how he parents her. I love how he balances me as a parent. He is good at what I am not, and vice versa. I love the look of joy and pride in his eyes when he tells me about some cute thing she did while I was away at class. Really, Audrey couldn’t ask for a better Dad.

And for that I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving my neighbours to the south!


One response to “What I am thankful for

  1. Perpetua November 25, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Howdy, neighbour! 🙂 Thanks for giving all of us here down south a proper Canadian shout out!

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