ControverSunday: Let’s Talk. Also, take the poll!


Yeah, I was going to write about ‘truthiness’, but then I thought mah. That’s right, well feeling a bit better today, I feel kinda mah about the whole topic, so I decided to write about what is really on my mind. Bear with me.

So ControverSunday has had a rough late summer/early fall. It got put on hiatus, take off hiatus and put on hiatus again. Then is got uprooted from its home, over at Our Lady of Perpetual Bread Crumbs over to your truly. And since then it has been sputtering along. A few new people have joined in (have you all checked out Jen and Clara’s blogs, they are awesome! Clara has written a couple great ControverSunday posts and I know Jen is thinking about it!) and we have had some good discussions. But the days of 6 or 8 people joining in each week seem to be gone.

Perhaps I am not being patient. It takes time to build things up again when, as I can certainly admit, they have been not so consistent. I think we have taken on some really interesting topics, and I have totally enjoyed it none the less. There is something about the end of summer and beginning of fall that makes the world seem busier and crazier and I know lots of our regular ‘ControverSundians’ have a TON on their plates right now. You know, life and all that jazz.

But in the back of my head I have been wondering. Is ControverSunday puttering out because it has done its job? The whole purpose of ControverSunday was to open up a discussion about those ‘hot topics’ in parenting and really hear each other, without the typical interwebs drama. In the course of the __ weeks ControverSunday was going on, I wonder if we haven’t tapped out the vast majority of the ‘hot topics’. I mean, if you have been around the interwebs/parent blogging sphere for long enough, I am sure you have started to see the patterns. The same hot button issues come up over and over again. Triggered by different things, flaring up in different pockets of the internet, drama fueling drama and away they go. So are controversial parenting topics a limited resource? Have we tapped the well dry?

I don’t know. I mean, I think there are still some great ideas for topics out there. And I am certainly still in the mood to take them on. But to me, ControverSunday is about a community of people sharing their thoughts together, and if the community isn’t interested then why call it ControverSunday?

So I guess what I am asking is what do you all want to do? I’ll host this as long as you want me to, but I need to know what you want. The only way to solve this problem is Democracy. Yeah Democracy.

So I was thinking a poll! Yeah!

You can also comment, or e-mail me your thoughts and opinions, or tweet me, or throw a note on a paper airplane onto my porch. If you know where I live. Which is like 3 of you. Anyway. Poll is anonymous, so tell me how you really feel. And it is one multiple choice question, so it takes all of 4 seconds to take. Really!


5 responses to “ControverSunday: Let’s Talk. Also, take the poll!

  1. clara October 4, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    I think you might be on to something with the whole “tapping the well dry” thing. I’ve been reading (and writing) in the parenting blogosphere for 4 years. Not much is new.

    That said, I like the collaborative aspect and I like the one topic / different takes thing. I just don’t know where you go from here.

    Sorry. Not helpful. I’ll stick it on my back burner and let you know if anything occurs to me that is more helpful.

  2. Perpetua October 5, 2010 at 8:57 am

    I feel kind of like I asked you to watch a goldfish that was already overfed in a bowl full of its own poo. What I’m saying is: the ControverSunday fire started to die out awhile before you took over hosting, and by the time I stopped neglecting it and sent it over to you…I didn’t send it to you in the best condition, is what I’m saying, and it was awesome of you to take over anyway.

    A lot of us who posted originally are all “Twitter Friends” now, so maybe the community-building part has done its job? I’m not sure. I still enjoy reading, though, and commenting. So I will support in that capacity for as long as ControverSunday goes on. 🙂

    Oh, and I know Hypatia (of I know why you’re single) said a long time ago that she thinks it should focus less on parenting and more on general hot topics. Maybe try taking it in that direction for a bit to see what happens? But ultimately, you have to do what’s best for you (in terms of your time, and energy, and what you want your blog to be).

    • amoment2think October 5, 2010 at 5:16 pm

      Ha! Not to worry. At first I figured it was just summer/craziness of fall that was causing the fires to die down a bit. But the more I thought about it the more we seemed to be running out of topics. I LOVE the idea of non-parenting topics. I think the challenge is to take on ‘hot topics’ without touching the really really hot ones. You know the ones I mean. So I need some topic ideas, is I guess what I am saying.

  3. Megan October 5, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    I know I’ve sort of crapped out on the ControverSunday thing. And, I wasn’t even here form the beginning, so it’s especially shameful.

    For me, it was the whole not being able to post right away, and by the time I could, I felt like everything had already been said. Additionally, sometimes I just get sick to death of talking about my own opinions. You know, “I think, I feel, MY opinion is…” I just know I can’t be that interesting, and I feel like I won’t be able to say anything new.

    I do like the idea of adding non-parenting topics. That might reignite the ol’ spark.

    I just know that I have learned so much from our little community of bloggers and am so glad to “know” all of you. I really don’t want to lose that. But, Perpetua might be right about the Twitter thing keeping us all linked.

    So, yeah. I’m not helpful, either. Sorry.

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