ControverSunday: Catch up on Catch up week


Friends, I am sick. And so just not that into writing. You would think I could totally handle writing because it involves sitting on my butt. But alas, I am just too freakin tired, fevery, sore throaty to even handle the simplest of tasks. Cold? You win.

So I will need to catch up on ControverSunday Catch up week an other day. Ironic, no? I am hoping someone (someone? anyone?) out there will pick up my slack and take up the challenge to do any of the three things we chatted about doing this week. (Revisit topic you missed, comment on old ControverSunday post to reignite the conversation or just generally discuss which week you found most interested and why.) It’s October now, so I am hoping that after the insanity that always surrounds September (at least for me) is starting to fade and a bunch more people are going to hop back on the ControverSunday bandwagon. There is a bunch of you I haven’t heard from in a while and I miss your great thoughts on the topics at hand.

Also, I was going to write on “Truthiness”. Maybe we can start there. If that seems interesting to you, check out that weeks posts and then let me know what your thoughts are. I will try and get my post together for a ControverMonday or ControverTuesday.

Now I am going back to bed.


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