ControverSunday Topic: When bad kids happen to good parents


First off, I don’t believe any child is ‘bad’. But I do believe some kids are better behaved, more well adjusted or exhibit more socially appropriate behavior then others.

This topic was suggested by @breebop and I think it is a really interesting question. If a child is consistently misbehaved is it because of the kid, the parents, or something else? Can someone be a ‘good’ parent and raise a ‘bad’ child? Oh, and well you are at it, feel free to tear right into those ‘good’ /’bad’ connotations/categories/implicit assumptions. I know I will be.

Really, I want to hear your thoughts! Join in! Grab that badge from accidents and head over here on Sunday for the link up. I know we are all in a ‘back to school/end of summer’ funk- but good conversation is good for the soul! I love this topic and I think it will generate some great discussion, but I need some more of you to play along! (Do I sound desperate yet? Do I need to offer prizes for participating?)


One response to “ControverSunday Topic: When bad kids happen to good parents

  1. Jen September 23, 2010 at 11:39 am

    Awesome topic. I am in!

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