ControverSunday Topic: Protection versus Acceptable Risk


First off, I have news. So the wonderful Perpetua over at Our Lady of Perpetual Bread Crumbs has decided to take a blogging sabbatical. I am devastated. Perpetua was one of the first people who really welcomed me to the world of blogging and made me feel connected. More then that, she started ControverSunday (along with Accidents), which has been one of the best things to happen to my blog. As you all know, I am a big supporter of ControverSunday. It fits into my bigger blogging philosophy of engaging in converstation. The whole idea behind ControverSunday is to take a look at the different controversial topics in (mostly) parent focused blogging and to demonstrate that while we may not always agree, we can discuss without the drama.

This weekly meme has had some struggles over the summer to keep going, but I think now that fall has officially arrived we can bring it back to life. Perpetua has passed the torch (temporarily? It’s hers if/when she returns.) to me to be your official ControverSunday Leader in Chief. I am, of course, more then happy to have others host. Just send me a note and we can hook you up. But I am will be continuing in the strong ControverSunday tradition. Over the next couple weeks I will create a ControverSunday page here too, so we can see past topics and keep track of upcoming topic suggestions.

I hope our ControverSunday community can grow! If you haven’t participated, but always wanted too, please join us! We LOVE newbies!!

We have some great suggestions for topics still on deck, but I thought this week I would suggest a topic resulting from the comment thread on my most recent post about the Back to School Insanity. So, I submit for your approval this weeks ControverSunday’s topic:

Protection versus Acceptable Risk. To what extent should we work to protect our children from harms/challenges/failure ect and to what extent should we take a step back and let them learn on their own? Where is the balance between protection and letting children learn on their own? What kind of risk is age appropriate? What is a realistic expectation for a child in terms of teaching them to be aware of dangers? If you want some more ideas of where this conversation could go, check out the comments on my last post.

See ya all on Sunday (Monday/Tuesday..ect)!!


2 responses to “ControverSunday Topic: Protection versus Acceptable Risk

  1. Brooke September 9, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Awesome topic. Sad to see Perpetua take a break.

  2. Perpetua September 10, 2010 at 7:34 am

    I am so, so glad you’re able to take over! This topic is so inviting that I might have to take a quick break from my break. 🙂

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