Are the people you meet a life long vesion of Groundhog day?

Do you ever feel like many people you meet remind you of someone you have already met? Like life is a giant game of Groundhog day?

I do. Often when I meet new people there is something about them that reminds me of someone else. The way they talk, their hair, what they are interested it, their mannerisms, the way the dress, how they make eye contact, how I interact with them, what style of relationship I have with them- lots of different things. A lot of the time I can’t even put my finger on how they remind me of someone or who they remind me of. I just get a vague sense of them as familiar. I mean, no two people are exactly the same- everyone has their own story and history. But it seems some people have a very similar…. I don’t know what to call it…… presence? I have thought a lot about this over the years and have wondered if it is something that everyone experiences or just some people (or just weird me?). I have wondered why I think about this so much.

Is it because I tend to always put things in categories? Everyone has different ways their process and remember information. For me, I put things in big, broad categories and then work down to smaller and smaller categories. Not necessarily consciously- sometimes it is pure intuition, but I have noticed that categories play a huge part in how I think. So do I do the same thing with people? Is this some attempt on my part to try and figure out how to relate to people by focusing on what is familiar to me?

Or is it bigger and more complicated then that? Is there a reason that I feel like I keep meeting the ‘same’ people over and over again? I’m agnostic, so the jury is still out on the idea that ‘god’ is trying to teach me something by sending the ‘same’ people my way. But I do believe in the power of “Mother Nature” and maybe there is something within nature at work there in that as humans we are drawn to the familiar. For example, when you start a new job or a new class or join a new club- there are people within that group that you are drawn to. Most people start by befriending one or two within a group in order to get themselves ‘in’ so to speak. What dictates who we are drawn to, if not this sense of familiarity?

I find this even more interesting when it happens online- with people who I have never met in person. There are a number of you out the the blogosphere I have connected with and all I have to go on is your writing style, your interests and maybe a teeny, tiny picture. But some of you still occupy a space in my understanding as familiar. Odd, eh?

I tried to figure out if I could even describe a couple of these categories. One is of a friend whom is more experienced then I that I look up to. An other is a bubbly life of the party acquaintance, whom I worked with briefly, that has brown hair. Those are just two examples, I can’t come up with anymore right now.

Anyway, not sure what my point is. Just wondering if this is just me….

Feel free to discuss how odd I am amongst yourselves now.


7 responses to “Are the people you meet a life long vesion of Groundhog day?

  1. ironicmom March 19, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    When I lived overseas, I always used to see Canadians who I thought I knew. Then I remembered I wasn’t in Canada. It’s not unlike how – when I first moved back to Canada – I was shocked whenever I heard Canada was in the news. Then I’d remember that I was in Canada. My brain’s generally about 5 years behind (or ahead of?) my body.

  2. smdcanada March 19, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    In my life, I have met certain people that I am convinced I know somehow or have met before, and them also to me (“and them also to me ?”…that’s not even proper English). And we have the conversation of “wow, you seem so familiar to me; have we met before?”. And we go through the the whole thing of did we go to school together, work in same places, took a class together, on and on…only to never figure out where that sense of familiarity comes from. I think sometimes people just resonate with us for reasons we can’t put our fingers on. It would make sense to me that that could happen in the blogosphere too.

  3. Brooke March 19, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    Because of the fire we were on TV a lot, and now people always say that they feel like they know us from somewhere. It’s really strange because we know they don’t *know* us, and we know why they think they *know* us… but it’s weird to say “Oh our house burned down and you saw and read all the details of our lives” so we usually just shrug.

    But sometimes people aren’t referring to that, but it’s hard for us to disconnect the two. We always just assume that they know our story. It would be weird if we moved away because people would still say they felt like they knew us I’m sure… because there is always someone in your life who reminds you of others you know, or knew.

  4. Cheryl March 19, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    Very interesting post. I often feel a vague, undefined sense of deja vu when meeting people and wonder how it is they are familiar. This is going to sound new agey and maybe cheesy, but maybe your “categories” are similar because those people all have a similar thing to teach you. You know how they say people come into your life for a reason?
    I think I am either drawn to people like me or people who are the complete opposite of me, so on one side you have people you understand and, perhaps on the other, ones you wish to emulate.

  5. Perpetua March 20, 2010 at 5:28 am

    I feel that way about the ControverSunday community that we’re building. For all the talk of controversy, we all have so much in common, and even if we don’t do or say the same things, we have a lot of understanding for each other.

    It’s weird to me that, out of the whole gigantic uncountable internet universe, I get to talk to really nice, really smart, really interesting people like y’all. How did that happen? 🙂

  6. amoment2think March 20, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    Okay, so from your comments it seems that I am somewhat odd in that my deja vu about people is organizing them into categories, but other then that… we are for the most part on the same page. Awesome.

    Also- Perpetua- I am totally with you on the awesomeness of the ControverSunday community. With the internet populated with a lot of crazies, it is sometimes hard to remember that there are a lot of really great people out there and the people I have started talking to via ControverSundays are some of the best!!

  7. disgruntledacademic April 8, 2010 at 11:21 am

    I’m just getting to this post and YES! I totally get the deja vu feeling about people all the time. Mr. Disgruntled thinks that once you get to a certain point in your life, you’ve met every kind of person you’re going to meet. And I think we organize people in groups because as we get older, we have less time for just socializing and so we have to make snap judgments about whether that guy we just met might be a douche or cool. I wonder if it’s an instinct thing, going way back to cave man days. You meet someone new and you have to know immediately if they are a friend or enemy.

    I also recently met a “new” person, he’s married to a friend of mine and he’s totally nice and sincere, but in a new way. Never met one like him before. And there are other folks in my life who stand out.

    Problematic? Sure.

    Human nature? Yep.

    An awesome observation? Absolutely.

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