National Anthem debacle; one of Harpers Brilliant Distractions

So first the Conservatives want to change the anthem and now they don’t. Hmmm. (see article here).

I have to hand it to the guy, Prime Minister Harper sure knows how to manipulate the media and distract Canadians. This game we call politics- he has got it in the bag. This national anthem non-sense is just an other example.

How do you effectively distract the public so that they

1) Forget all about the proroguing of parliament?

2) Don’t pay attention to the fact that the budget was not the “re-calibration” that was used to justify proroguing?

3) Don’t notice that the budget is symbolically absent of any action on the environment, EI reforms, or job creation measures?

4) Ignore anything the opposition has to say about the budget?

5) Take the focus away from any of the issues that the Conservatives were getting heat for before they prorogued parliament?

Why, you bring up an irrelevant, go nowhere suggestion that you know everyone is going to write off as pointless, but still spend the better half of a week talking about. Of course!

I am willing to bet that they never intended to change the anthem. It was just an other brilliant political move that allows the PM to continue his total lack of leadership by avoiding the tough questions. And boy did we fall for it.

Even if they had miscalculated and people really did want to talk about changing the anthem, then the distraction would just last longer and the gov would look like they were doing something to appease the left. Win- Win.

Now that that’s over can we get back to trying to hold this slippery government accountable?


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