Is it all just corn? Part 2

So since my search the other day for corn derived food in the cupboard failed to shock and appall me, I decided it was time to try my luck with the fridge. Crossing my fingers for some appalling discoveries I opened the door up. Immediately I felt guilty as this task would require me to keep the fridge door open for an unusually long time, thus wasting energy. But I figured mother earth would forgive me, as my cause was noble, and I proceeded.

I should tell you first of all, that there is not much in my fridge. A couple of years ago you would have seen it jam packed with condiments and convenience foods, but now it is relatively empty. It is mostly ‘ingredients’: fruits and veggies, milk, cream for my coffee, eggs, cheese, bread and the condiment basics. At first glance it wasn’t looking good for the corn. As I was really hoping to be appalled, I expanded my search to include ingredients that good ol’ granny wouldn’t recognize.

The jar of hot banana peppers started us off right with: Polysorbate 80, Sodium benzoate and calcium chloride. Okay, lets be honest, Granny would recognize calcium chloride if she was good at chemistry; it is table salt. Not such a bad thing in a jar of peppers. Sodium benzoate is a different type of salt. Polysorbate is an emulsifier and can be contaminated with corn according to our website referenced in the last post. I have no idea what it is made from and a quick Google search did not yield an answer that I could understand.

Here are some of my other discoveries:

Yogurt: caramel colour; Mayo- calcium disodium edta; Pita- calcium propionate, veggie dip (un-opened… why did I buy that again?)- dextrose, chocolate sauce- corn syrup. Mostly preservatives and sugars. Okay, I can handle that. I don’t see why my Pita needs a preservative when I buy it fresh every week, but it is on the ‘want to make myself’ list so it will be gone soon anyway. The preservative in my mayo- ick… but can’t give up my mayo.

Then I hit the jackpot: cream cheese. It has: Tocopherols, ascorbyl palminate, propylene glycol, lactic acid. Why does my cream cheese have propylene glycol (by produce of the petroleum industry) in it? Okay, that is off the grocery list. I am successfully appalled.

That being said, I still feel a bit anti-climatic with this search. With hopes high I decide to take a peek in the freezer.

Booo, almost nothing. Mostly just frozen fruits and veggies. There is bunch of frozen chicken and pork, a ‘natural’ store line which claims to ‘grain feed,’ which probably means corn. Oh how I wish we could regularly afford the much better tasting organic meat from Sunworks farms ( or Hoven farms ( But the store brand promises me no antibiotics, no hormones and free range. I look at my ‘cheat meal’ frozen chicken meatballs expecting to be appalled. Nope, just a bit of dextrose in the seasoning. The worst was actually my package of sweet potato fries. They are from the ‘natural’ frozen section so I guess I assumed they were good. Not bad, but still a bunch of corn starch, dextrin and dextrose.

Well, I am done. And I feel good in some ways. Unlike Pollan suggests, our family doesn’t eat mostly corn. We could eat a few less preservatives and a bit less corn-derived sugar. But for the most part we eat pretty clean. Stay tuned for my next post where I delve into how we have been able to avoid most of the ‘fake’ food….


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